Cutlery Bag

ELAGPochetta®, the attractive cutlery bag with an integrated napkin, supports speedy service in indoor and outdoor use.
Printed with your logo or a friendly advertising message, you will attract the attention of your guests. The personalized ELAGPochetta® leaves an unforgettable impression on your customers.


For the preparation of the popular hot paninis, the high-quality Ovenbag provides very special services!
With this heat-resistant packaging, heating is easier and more convenient than ever before. The bread roll can be baked crispy directly in the bag in the contact grill or oven and handed over to the customer without risk of cross-contamination. Thanks to the greaseproof paper, the Ovenbag is leak-proof and cleaning the grill is no longer necessary.


SnackPochetta, the refined packaging with an integrated paper napkin for quick service over the counter in the takeaway area. Napkin consumption is reduced because no additional napkin dispenser is needed. The SnackPochetta is available with an opening on two sides or only on top.


The attractive sandwich bag with integrated paper napkin and
Tear-off function is the optimal solution for every sandwich.
The combination of paper and transparent film allows the contents to be
look appetizing and fresh. Practical packaging is possible with the
closure sticker guaranteed and thanks to the tear-off perforation
the customer opens the bag effortlessly.


The WrapPack is the practical packaging for quick meals like wraps, panini or French fries. The bag is made of sturdy paper and is absolutely tight. No matter whether
white or brown paper, the WrapPack can be printed individually and is available in different formats.

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Cutlery Bag / Napkin Pouch, Ovenbag, SnackPochetta, SandwichBag, Wrappac or Air Sickness Bag.
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