OVENBAG OB-100N/ Nature


Article No.: OB-100N
Material: Special paper unbleached, brown, FSC certified, heat resistant – greaseproof
Size: 105 x 40 x 320 mm
Packaging: Boxes of 600 pieces

Artikelnummer: OB-100N

Lieferung SHOP Euro 6 Euro / ab Eur 150.- ohne Lieferkosten

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The high-quality Ovenbag provides very special services for the preparation of the famous hot paninis!
This heat-resistant bag makes heating easier and more convenient than ever before. The bread roll can be heated up directly with the bag in the contact grill or oven and handed over to the customer without risk of cross-contamination. Thanks to the greaseproof paper, the Ovenbag is leak-proof and cleaning of the grill is no longer necessary.